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 Thesing Power  Sweeping

 Serving, NJ, PA
 DE & MD


Most home builders looking for street sweeping services say they are looking for a company that is reliable, cost effective and performance oriented; nevertheless, when it comes time to choose a street sweeping service, they often base their decision entirely on price and forget how costly an unreliable, underperforming, sweeping service can be, especially in today's EPA - conscious environment.


Soil inspectors and your prospective home buyers don’t want to see dirt tracks…and neither do we!

The bane of existence of any street sweeper is the complaints surrounding stirring up dust, leaving dirt tracks (sometimes called “snail’s trails”) and not picking up all of the debris.

The ultimate sweeping performance of any street sweeper is the direct result of how well they maintain their equipment and how well they train their street sweeping operators.

Maintaining the Equipment

The sweeping industry’s standards were not strong enough for us, so we developed our own. For instance, our new factory purchased trucks undergo a 3-week customization process that eliminates the complaints mentioned above. We install a second water pump and additional spray bars so that more water is sprayed onto the road surface, which helps minimize dust and aids in pickup.

We have also implemented a 32-step daily maintenance program that ensures our brooms are operating properly, so that maximum sweeping performance is achieved. It is designed to ensure that our street sweepers are operating at optimal performance. For example, on a daily basis, our operators measure the length of the sweeper’s brooms. This is important because shorter brooms can affect sweeping performance. We adhere to the following daily regimented standards and adjustments for optimal performance:


Right gutter broom - no less than 7.5 inches


Left gutter broom - no less than 6 inches


Rear broom – no less than 6.5 inches

  :: Elevator chains need a 3 inch gap

T-plates are straight (directly resonsible for dirt tracks)


Rear broom pattern is set and checked


Rear broom chains are adjusted properly

  :: Bearings are greased twice per day

If the brooms or adjustments on any Thesing Power Sweeping truck measure less than these standards, we change them or adjust them BEFORE they are dispatched on their daily routes. Other street sweeping companies try to squeeze every last ounce of broom life out of their street sweepers. The result – higher operating profits for them and poorly swept streets for you!

Proper Training of Operators

Street sweepers are large commercial vehicles that require specialized and technical training in order to operate and the nature of street sweeping places significant demands on the street sweeper. They are extremely high maintenance and simple mistakes can render the sweeper useless. As outlined above, our sweepers undergo extensive modifications and maintenance, but the best maintained sweepers will not perform effectively if the operator is not properly trained. Our operators are qualified to perform maintenance on the street sweepers. As a matter of fact, our operators perform maintenance procedures on the street sweeper DURING the day while they are in the field. These procedures are designed to provide optimal sweeping performance and they include such things as greasing both the bearings and rear broom 2 times per day.

A significant component to sweeping housing developments is having an operator who is alert, communicates well and is properly trained. The sweeper operator MUST communicate with the superintendent to understand where to dump the debris that is picked up by the sweeper. We understand that haphazard dumping of debris on silt fences, finished grade lots and next to model homes is unacceptable. We work with your superintendents to determine a prearranged dump site.

Our new employees are on a probation period of 90 days, during which time they are trained on every aspect of sweeping and sweeper maintenance. The highlights of the training process include:


First week of employment is spent in the shop with our mechanic to gain an understanding of the operational aspects and functionality of the sweeper.


Ride in the passenger's seat with an experienced street sweeping operator for an indefinite period of time. This training further enhances week one training, but it also provides a hands-on element.


Operate a street sweeper with an experienced operator in the passenger seat.


Operate a street sweeper alone; however, the trainee rides behind an experienced street sweeping operator for an indefinite period of time. This training provides the new employee with actual operating experience, but not at the expense of our customers. The learning curve is on us! It also reinforces training by providing the trainee with the ability to see how the back of the sweeper operates.

  :: Routine maintenance procedures and training on specialized street sweeper tools. The purpose of this training is to allow the operator to diagnose and fix certain malfunctions if they occur in the field and to continually ensure the sweeper is operating optimally. We believe we stand alone in the industry regarding operator mechanical proficiency!


"I was recently speaking to the soil inspector who praised the appearance of our site. We both agreed it was due in large part to the weekly street sweeping performed by Thesing Power Sweeping. Thanks to Thesing, I continue to pass those soil inspections without worry"! - Bob R. - Superintendent

"...having used Thesing in the past, I know that your service is excellent and that your street sweepers use high quality brooms. The bottom line with Thesing is that I NEVER need to call you, which is high praise in this business." - Eric S. - Superintendent


We have a fleet of sixteen large mechanical broom sweepers and we service the largest builders in the tri-state area, including: Beazer, Centex, D.R Horton, J.S. Hovnanian & Sons, K. Hovnanian, Lennar, Orleans Home Builders, Pulte Homes, Ryan Homes, Signature Homes, and TH Properties!

Our Company has grown consistently for the past 16 consecutive years since formation and we understand the importance of our service to you, especially when the local soil inspector is due for an inspection. The business owner is also the dispatcher and scheduler and is an ex-Coopers & Lybrand executive who understands the meaning of words: reliability, dependability and deadlines.

"I want to acknowledge the tremendous service that Thesing has provided K. Hovnanian over the years. It is rare in today’s market to find a contractor able to provide consistently high quality service and to afford us the last minute response to unforeseen challenges. I have worked with Thesing the whole of my development career. They have kept my sites clean and my inspectors satisfied and have not let me down once. We have never needed to call them for no shows. I would like to give my most sincere gratitude and respect to a company I consider a benchmark in the industry and a great help to us all. Thanks and keep it up!" - Shaun H. - Land Development Supervisor


We always know the whereabouts of our sweepers through a network of two-way radios that are in constant contact with the dispatcher. What does this mean for you? In the event of an emergency or last minute call, a Thesing sweeper is always just a phone call away. And a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system is on the way…!

"I have never heard a complaint from any superintendents concerning the weekly sweeping performed by Thesing. I have only had to call Thesing for emergencies and you have always answered my requests with a "yes." I am not quite sure how you are able to perform for my last minute phone calls; however I wanted to let you know it is greatly appreciated." - Jeff G. - Land Development Manager

"I wanted to express my appreciation for your service provided to my site on Memorial Day weekend. I reluctantly called your office at 2:00 p.m. to request a sweep by the next day. It was a pleasant surprise to see the clubhouse area clean and ready for our residents come early Saturday morning." - Dan R . - Superintendent


We believe it is 100% reasonable for you to be of the opinion that "breakdowns are not my problem - I need my development swept today!" In order to address this concern, we strive to maintain a newer fleet of sweepers; we have purchased 5 new trucks recently. In order to ensure maximum operating performance, Thesing adheres to a comprehensive and regimented 32-step daily maintenance program that recently received praise from the New Jersey State Police during a Department of Transportation audit, which we passed with flying colors.

We also realize it is unrealistic to expect sweeping trucks never to breakdown. Therefore, we employ 2 full-time mechanics with a service truck to repair our sweepers as quickly as possible. In the event that we cannot, we maintain 2 extra sweeping trucks that are available to substitute.


Each truck in our sweeper fleet is painted every 2 to 3 years in order to maintain a clean and professional image. Our drivers are professional and uniformed and they are required to power wash their trucks at the end of the workday. We understand that the image of your subcontractors reflects on your overall image with your customers.


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