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 Thesing Power  Sweeping

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We believe that milling & paving sweeping is the most difficult type of sweeping project for a sweeper and its operator. The sweeper has to be extremely heavy duty and in good condition, and the operator must have a high degree of competence and training.


Milling & paving sweeping is a job for the most experienced operators!

A significant component to sweeping milling & paving projects is having an operator who is alert, communicates well and is properly trained in the entire process of milling & paving. The sweeper operator MUST keep track of what the miller is doing throughout the entire process. Without a high level of experience in milling & paving sweeping, a sweeper operator can create trouble for the whole crew.

It is also important that the sweeper operator communicates with the milling crew as to how the particular operation is being run. You have to know what you're doing to start with, then listen well and follow along the guidelines.

Properly trained operators understand the basics of a milling operation, which include:


They will be faced with piles of heavy material.


State or local inspectors can shut down a milling operation until the street sweeper catches up.


The sweeper operator may need to communicate with contractor personnel to scrape up the windrow of millings left behind.

  :: Dealing with the entire process - the flaggers, the superintendents, the traffic, state or local police, etc.

Safety is paramount!

Safety is always a concern for Thesing Power Sweeping and milling & paving projects only add to that concern for us. This is particularly the case on heavy highway projects where traffic control, being alert, and knowing the job are critical to a safe work environment. We are extra careful on these projects and only use properly trained operators who have safety consciousness on their mind every second.

We also realize the importance of outfitting our sweepers with the proper safety equipment, which includes strobe systems and arrow sticks on the sweeper. Safety is a significant component of the training our people have, and we outfit our sweepers so people can see us.

Equipment choice is critical for milling & paving projects

At Thesing Power Sweeping, we prefer using a high dump for ease of material transfer. Our preferred sweepers of choice on milling & paving projects are the Broom Bear and the Athey Mobil. In our opinion, they are the most rugged and efficient mechanical sweepers on the market today. The intelligent designs give us greater water and hopper capacity, requiring us to make fewer scheduled stops. We also believe that they have a cleaner dumping action and that they are easy to operate – even transporting at highway speeds – and easy to maintain.


Reliability & dependability

We understand that timing is critical on a milling & paving project! Often, the roadway is closed and work is performed at night, which adds to the cost and the pressure to complete the project within the timeframe allotted. When you tell us you need a sweeper on the job at 8:00 p.m., we know you mean exactly 8:00 p.m., and not a minute later.

We also understand that it is critical for the street sweeper to begin sweeping as soon as the miller begins its work since any millings left behind could be compacted by construction vehicles and cars, and potentially cause the following problems:


Street sweeper cannot effectively pickup the compacted millings


Site inspection fails


Asphalt will not adhere to road surface

  :: Delays in paving!

Flexibility in scheduling

At Thesing Power Sweeping, a significant portion of our milling & paving projects are scheduled with less than 48 hours notice, so we know that we have to be able to react. In addition, our scheduled projects are sometimes performed at night. We understand that you need flexibility because our workload is dependent upon how much you – as the contractor - get done.

In order to be able to handle this workload and flexibility, we have a fleet of sixteen large mechanical broom sweepers and all of our operators are trained on milling & paving projects. We service the largest contractors in the tri-state area, including: A. E. Stone, Agate Construction Co., American Asphalt, Arawak Paving Co., C. Abbonizio Contractors, Diamond Materials, Greggo & Ferrara, JPC Group, Jersey Construction, R. E. Pierson Construction Co., South State, Wyndham Construction, Robert T. Winzinger, and Zone Striping.


We completely understand this simple premise when it comes to milling and paving projects – new asphalt will not adhere properly to the milled road surface if millings are trapped in the middle. Further complicating this is the fact that state or local inspectors will not allow the new asphalt to be applied; effectively halting the entire project until the street sweeper completes its work.

There are several techniques that we employ to ensure we sweep as many of the millings as possible and our drivers are trained in them. Some are technical and some come from years of experience in sweeping milling projects. The technical aspects include cleaning out all of the joints, which requires proper gutter broom adjustment and specialized operator training. Experienced sweeper operators know that increased down pressure or a tilt adjustment on the gutter broom can be the simple fix to adequately cleaning out the joints.


Thesing Power Sweeping is a Women-Business Enterprise (WBE)

You can fill your mandatory minority and small business percentages by using Thesing Power Sweeping, for state contracts requiring it. Thesing Power Sweeping is a Women-Business Enterprise in the State of New Jersey and The City of Philadelphia. Thesing is also registered as a Small Business with the State of New Jersey. We are the only street sweeper we are aware of in the greater Philadelphia area that can say this! See about us for more information.

Public projects & certified payroll

We realize that many milling & paving projects are public in nature and this means that we are required to have a certified payroll. We understand the certified payroll rules and we work with your administrative staff for a smooth and seamless process.



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